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4 Easy Ways To Make Money In College

Most college students tend to be lacking in funds.  Unless you’re one of the lucky kids who still receive an allowance from your parents, you could probably use a little extra cash.  You could get a job, but it’s much … Continue reading

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For the Guys: Fall Fashion Finds Under $50

It’s your turn, guys. As I mentioned in my previous post for the ladies, I put together some outfit ideas and collected some mix and match pieces that you could easily add to your fall wardrobe. The best news: everything … Continue reading

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For the Ladies: Fall Fashion Finds Under $50

Fall is officially upon us. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll soon be trading your flip flops and tanks for autumn weather styles. Since most students don’t have much extra cash, I’ve compiled lots of mix and match pieces under … Continue reading

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College Tuition Rates: Why Do They Keep Rising? And Can They Be Lowered?

College tuition has been rising at a rate that is more than double that of inflation, yet colleges still serve the same purpose they always have: educate students and award a diploma.  So, why is the sticker price of college … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Prevent the Freshman 15

The Freshman 15 has gained significant notoriety (and fear) around college campuses. It refers to weight gain that many college students experience as they transition into a new lifestyle. It isn’t always 15 pounds, but it’s a rough average. The … Continue reading

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How to Handle Embarrassing Moments

High school and college (and the rest of your life) are full of embarrassing moments. It’s inevitable and it’s frustrating. It happens to all of us. You drop your lunch tray in the cafeteria, slip on the ice outside your … Continue reading

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The Flipped Classroom Model

Imagine a classroom learning environment that focuses on interaction and group activities rather than lectures and handouts. Want to hear more? Students are invited to solve problems, debate, share ideas, and collaborate with peers and teachers. Lectures are watched at … Continue reading

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Internships: 5 Overlooked Reasons To Complete One

You often hear that internships will help you gain valuable work experience and build your resume, but is it really worth your time to complete one?  If you’re having trouble deciding if you want to apply for an internship, check … Continue reading

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8 Quick and Easy Snack Ideas

Let’s face it. Like it or not, Doritos are not a good snack. They aren’t healthy or hunger-curbing, and frankly, they make your breath stink. Lose-lose. Its cohabitants in the vending machine aren’t much better options either. Repeat after me: … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Becoming a More Productive Student

There are many ways to absorb information from your college classes.  You can eat pages of your textbook, sleep on top of your notes, or perhaps the most efficient option: STUDY! Studying isn’t most students idea of a good time, … Continue reading

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