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Going For Your Dreams vs Seeking Steady Employment After Graduation

*The following post was written after an interview I conducted with Christine Hassler.  Christine is a life coach for 20 somethings and the author of two self help books,  20 Something, 20 Everything and The Twenty Something Manifesto.* Over a … Continue reading

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What is Your Personality Type?

Chances are you’ve probably taken some sort of personality test before. You may have taken one in a Psychology class or maybe through a website or magazine feature. Do you remember the results of that test? Probably not. So why … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Keep Busy Over Winter Break

Winter break- you’re so excited for its arrival, but after about two days in, you’re already bored out of your mind.  Instead of sitting around waiting to go back to college, get off the couch and make the most of … Continue reading

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10 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $30

Finding affordable holiday gifts for a roommate, friend, sibling, parent, or Secret Santa can be tough. Where do you even start? A gift guide of course! I’ve seen lots of gift guides around the internet… but let’s be honest, most … Continue reading

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