8 Summer Road Trip Essentials

There’s something about summer and road trips that go together so well. The open road with the windows down are the perfect start to a great summer road trip. To make the trip more enjoyable (and hopefully problem-free), here are some essentials you’ll want to be sure to bring:

1. Smartphone (GPS/music/camera)

Smartphones go practically everywhere with us these days, and on a road trip they will be especially useful. Load your phone with your favorite songs or playlist for the ride. You likely have a built-in camera for documenting memories of your trip. Plus, if you need directions, you will have GPS features to guide you to your destination.

2. Cooler with drinks and snacks

Hit the grocery store before you leave and pack your goodies in a cooler to keep everything chilled. You can save yourself frequent stops and money spent on dining out if you bring along some drinks and snacks to stave off hunger.

3. Sun protection

The sun’s rays penetrate the car windows and can still burn you even though you aren’t outside. Bring sunscreen for your face, arms and legs, and keep your eyes safe with a pair of sunglasses.

4. First aid kit

Minor scrapes and cuts happen unexpectedly. Just in case, bring along a first aid kit to keep any wounds clean and protected.

5. Blanket and pillow

Whether you’re curling up in the backseat after trading off driving duty or crashing on a friend’s couch along the way, a blanket and pillow will make your rest much more comfortable.

6. Trash bags

Snack wrappers and fast food garbage can pile up on a road trip. Instead of letting it pile up on the floor, bring a trash bag or two to collect the unwanted stuff.

7. Jumper cables

If you don’t have a AAA membership, then grab jumper cables and put them in the trunk. If your battery dies along the way, you’ll be part of the way to getting your car in working order.

8. Other toiletries (hand sanitizer, baby wipes, tissues, chapstick, pain relievers, etc.)

Rest stops aren’t always the cleanest places and other times they’re entirely unavailable. Keep a bag of some medicine cabinet essentials with you in case you have a headache, drink spill, or other minor glitch.

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