Scholarship Resources: Where to Obtain Free Money for College

Back in September I wrote a post about the rising cost of a college education.  Unfortunately, that post wasn’t the national hit I expected it to be, and colleges have not yet started lowering tuition rates as a result of my eye-opening article.  College is still expensive and will probably continue to get more expensive, but thanks to scholarships, there is something you can do to fight back against rising tuition rates.  There are literally millions of scholarships available every year and some of them are much simpler to obtain than you would think.  Read on for a list of resources to help in your hunt for a scholarship.

Although the website’s name is misleading, this site is a virtual search engine of scholarships that claims to feature billions of dollars in scholarship money.  Students can  fill out a profile and be instantly matched up with relevant scholarships.

Fastweb offers more than a million scholarships and also features videos and tips on how to obtain a scholarship.  In addition to scholarships, Fastweb lists internship opportunities for students already in college.

As the name suggests, this blog offers advice on college and financial matters.  I recommend you check out one particular article about unique and unusual scholarships for everything from having the last name VanValkenburg to predicting the future.

Your college’s financial aid office

If you’re already in college you should pay a visit to the financial aid office.  They will be able to provide you with a list of scholarships that your college offers and can help process your application.

Your high school guidance office

If you’re still in high school then you might want to visit the guidance office.  They can help you identify scholarships that are relevant and should aid you in the application process.

FinAid is an an informational site where you can learn all about your financial aid options and see a list of more scholarship resources.


Don’t get discouraged if your grades are not as high as you would like them to be or you’re not a student athlete.  There’s a scholarship out there for just about everyone, including you, VanValkenburg’s of the world.



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