Math in the News: Independent Events

In the world of thoroughbred racing, The Preakness Stakes took place this past weekend as the second leg in a three-race series composing the Triple Crown. The Triple Crown was last won 34 years ago by a horse named Affirmed in 1978.

This year, the horse I’ll Have Another is inching close to claiming the Triple Crown after winning both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. The article, “I’ll Have Another Captures Preakness Stakes,” from USA Today, details how the horse beat the odds and took the title from the favored Bodemeister in both races. On June 9, the Belmont Stakes will conclude the third leg of the Triple Crown.

Many are wondering about the probability that I’ll Have Another will win the Belmont Stakes to take the coveted Triple Crown. While it may seem likely after winning the first two legs of the series, the upcoming third race is still an independent event. Visit Math & YOU to learn more about probability and independent events.

Do you have a prediction about the Belmont Stakes?

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