Math in the News: Mathematics and Your Career

Students often make the mistake of assuming that only certain careers require employees  to use math on the job.  While it is true that students who choose to pursue a major such as engineering or physics will require a more rigorous math curriculum to succeed on the job, no career choice is completely exempt from using mathematics.

An article from the Philadelphia Inquirer titled, “Shop Math: A Manufacturing Skill in High Demand,” discusses just how important it is to have strong math skills if you plan to gain meaningful employment.  According to the article, some companies have even begun to test potential employees to determine if they are capable of completing the mathematical calculations that are necessary to be successful on the job.

Whether you want to be a cook, a mechanic, or a machinist, you will encounter math on a daily basis.  So remember, it’s important to stay focused in your math classes if you want to gain a competitive advantage in the workforce.

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