6 Tips for Moving Out of Your College Dorm or Apartment

Tips for moving out of college dorm

Moving time is upon us! If you’re in a college dorm or apartment, you’ll likely be moving out in the coming weeks. It’s never fun or easy, but with a little strategic thinking, it can go smoothly. To keep the process easy and organized, here are a few tips to help you pack and move your stuff (without too big of a headache):

1. Don’t keep it if you don’t need it

Sell your books, recycle your old notebooks and papers, trash your semi-broken lamp, and give away anything else that doesn’t absolutely need to make it to your next apartment. TLC provides tips on how to “green” your dorm move out by using yard sales, Craigslist, and freecycling programs to get rid of any other unwanted items.

2. Keep the important stuff handy and pack the rest

There’s little worse during the week of packing than realizing that your toothpaste, shoes, or cell phone charger is already packed in an unknown box. Try to think of things you’ll need the last few days and store them somewhere else so you don’t inadvertently pack them.

3. Use medium-sized boxes

If the boxes are too small, you’ll end up with 137 of them. If they are too big, they’ll quickly be too heavy to carry or too hard to navigate down narrow hallways. You can buy moving boxes online, ask your parents for leftover boxes, or get creative with laundry baskets and other storage bins.

4. Defrost your refrigerator and clean out the microwave

Believe me, you don’t want to be surprised by the flood of water from a freezer that you forgot to unplug and unfreeze. Some freezers are worse than others, but usually when you unfreeze it, you’re bound to wind up with moisture. Unplug your refrigerator a day early and use an old towel to catch any of the water.

If you’re anything like a typical college student, then chances are you might not have cleaned out your microwave all year. Now is not the time to let the microwave’s smell and grime linger over summer (it won’t be pleasant in the fall).

Use a piece of Tupperware and fill it halfway with water. Pour in some lemon juice concentrate or squeeze in fresh lemon juice. Microwave the mixture for about two minutes. When it’s done, pour the liquid down the kitchen sink. Both the microwave and sink will deodorize from yearlong use. Lastly, just use a wet paper towel to easily wipe out any spills, stains, and grime hiding in the microwave.

5. Ask for help

Make a plan with friends to help each other move boxes out, or have a few family members come help. Remember that dorms and college apartments are small, so don’t try to pack too many people in there or you risk not having enough room to move the actual boxes, let alone yourselves.

6. Plan for travel

Are you taking boxes in a car, shipping them, or moving them right into your next place? You’ll want to think it out ahead of time so you can ensure your boxes actually fit in your or someone else’s car, hire a moving van or rent a storage unit, or figure out how far you have to take them to your next apartment.

Do you have any tried and true moving tips to add? Good luck to all of you movers!

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