6 Tips to Finish the Semester Strong

The time is coming soon. In a few short weeks, you’ll be getting ready to wrap up the semester and prepping for finals. It has a habit of sneaking in almost unnoticed, so here are a few tips to assist you in finishing up the semester strong:

1. Organize your notes

If your class notes are in multiple places and formats (laptop, notebook, handouts, loose paper, etc.), now is the time to start locating all of them and compiling them the best you can. When it comes time to study, you’ll save yourself time hunting down all the material.

2. Find your old tests and quizzes

Graded tests and quizzes are an ideal resource for studying. You can see where you made errors and so much of the course content is already in one place. The bonus is that they give you a clue to the types of questions your professor might ask on the final exam.

3. Ask questions

If a concept is still confusing or you have any questions for your professor, now is the time to ask! Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule a meeting during their office hours or hang back at the end of class to get your questions answered.

4. Plan ahead

Go through the syllabi for your classes and figure out when your final assignments, papers, and projects are due and map out the days of your exams. Make a schedule for yourself on paper or a calendar app on your phone.

5. Take advantage of campus help

Your school most likely offers some sort of tutoring help or learning center. Check your school website or ask your professors to see when and where the help is.

6. Review your commitments

If you have a part-time job or are involved in other extracurricular activities, check your schedules in advance. Consider taking a few days or a week off from work to ensure you have time to prepare and study for your exams.

At the end of last semester, I posted tips to help you ace your finals and beat stress. When it comes time to study, check them out for a few extra tips to help maximize your efforts.

Do you have any tried and true study tips to add?

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