6 Ways to Land a Job Using Social Media

Social media is making it easier for you to connect with the right people on the internet to help you land a job in your field. Understanding how to employ a few social media strategies and knowing what differentiates you from the rest are your first steps in finding your first (or next) job.

1. Use caution with your social media profiles

You’ve probably heard this before, but it bears repeating. Social media sites can definitely sink a good job prospect if your profile contains offensive material. Easy rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t want an HR person to see it, think twice before posting it on your Facebook or other social media account.

2. Create and update your LinkedIn profile

Over 90% of hiring managers use LinkedIn in the hiring process, so make sure you are represented there. It’s free and easy to create a profile and list your credentials. Think of it as an online resume. Search for groups that relate to your industry and join the online conversations going on there for an added boost.

3. Set up a Twitter account and follow the right people

Twitter is an easy place to connect with hiring managers, headhunters, and other company professionals. Begin with a simple search on Twitter using your keywords (marketing, engineering, internship, etc.) and follow relevant people. To help these people notice you, use a few of your industry keywords in your bio and share articles related to your industry.

4. Market yourself with multimedia

There are plenty of sites offering free accounts for your CV/resume, such as You can list your credentials and other things that set you apart from other job candidates. List the site on your paper resume when applying for jobs and include the link in your email signature for higher viability.

5. Write a blog to share your knowledge

A blog is the perfect place to showcase your expertise and knowledge in your industry. Start with a free platform (WordPress or Blogger) and begin finding your voice. You don’t want to sound too stiff in your writing, so it takes a little practice. This is another great link to include in your Twitter bio, paper resume, and email signature.

6. Check online postings weekly (or more)

Bookmark a few job board sites (Monster, Indeed, etc.) and regularly check the listings related to your field. Postings are added and removed daily, so staying vigilant on these sites will ensure you see all the listings.

Do you have any tips to add? Have you had any luck with social media?


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