College Series: What To Pack

It’s back to school month – that means we’re providing you with articles each week to help you get ready for college. Our first of our College Series is ‘What To Pack.’ As the school year approaches it means one thing; packing. Packing is a pain, plain and simple. Some people pack way too much (every childhood photo and memento), while others don’t pack nearly enough (no towels = no fun).

Check out our list of what to pack from Health/Beauty to electronics:


These are a small list of things we believe you  need to bring to class. Other things, such as ‘EXTRAS’ might include:

  1. Brita Water
  2. Clorox wipes
  3. Flashlight
  4. Bicycle & helmet
  5. Board games
  6. Movies
  7. Rubber door stop
  8. Can opener


Did we forget something? Let us know what you pack in our discussion board.

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