Going Green: 5 Ways To Save The Environment

I’ll admit, I don’t know much about “going green,” but it seems to be all the rage these days, so I did some research and came up with a few ways you can “go green.”

1. Don’t throw out old clothes.  There are plenty of great uses for the clothes you no longer wear.  You could cut your clothes up into cleaning rags, sew them into a trendy bag, or even make old socks into a hacky sack.  Read this Huffington Post article for more ideas on how to make use of old clothes.

2. The cafeteria at your college might get mad at me for this one, but it’s a great way to eliminate waste.  If you can’t finish all the food on your tray, bring a baggy and take it to your dorm room for a snack.  Only do this if you can’t finish the food already on your plate though, I don’t condone stealing food, only making good use of food that was going to be thrown out anyways(I won’t accept the blame if your cafeteria catches you).

3. Borrow things from your friends.  I don’t think I ever bought a single movie, video game, ball or dish in college.  Chances are high that you will know someone who owns what you’re considering purchasing and it will create less waste and save you money if you borrow as much as possible.

4. Make your own cleaning solutions.  You might not clean very often, but when you do, I recommend you use natural products.  Vinegar and lemon juice make great cleaning products and you could put the leftovers on your food after you’re done cleaning if you really wanted to.

5. I know this last one cries self promotion, but it is honestly a good way to go green.  Use online textbooks if you have the option.  Paper will be saved, and with the money you save on textbooks, you can buy some tomato plants and start your own little garden.  That’s twice the green for the price of one.


What are some ways that you have “gone green?”

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