Help: I Have a Dud Teacher

School has just begun. You’ve stocked yourself with new notebooks, or better yet a new tablet or laptop.  Your textbooks are on hand. You’re ready to learn.

But there is just one problem – and a big one at that – your teacher is a dud.

Within the first few classes, you realize the teacher talks about him/herself much too often, restates the same concept or explanation over and over, and recommends you read the textbook when you don’t understand something.

Dud teachers usually rely on handouts that are probably from a previous decade, and use little to no classroom technology (unless it’s for videos to fill time).

All of a sudden, you’re plagued with How-Did-They-Get-Their-Job syndrome. It’s frustrating… especially when you’re paying for (or accruing debt for) your education.

There are a few things you can do to ease the situation and save your sanity.

1. Switch to a different teacher or class.

Talk to your academic adviser and look at your school’s course catalog to help identify an alternate teacher or a similar course. Try to do this as early in the semester as possible.

2. Do the assigned readings and homework.

Your job is to stay on top of the course content. If your teacher isn’t the best at presenting the material, then keeping up on your readings and assignments becomes all the more important.

3. Watch instructional videos on Academic Earth, Khan Academy, or iTunes U

In our technologically-advancing world, we’re lucky to have access to these fantastic resources. Take advantage of the free videos and tutorials if you’re struggling with a class or concept.

4. Find a tutor to help you with tricky concepts.

Your school more than likely offers a tutoring center, so ask around to get information about its services. Online tutors and websites are also available if you’d rather get help virtually.

Do you have any other tips for dealing with a dud teacher?

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