How to Keep in Touch With College Friends Over the Summer

The good news is that you made lots of great new friends at school this year. The bad news is that everyone is heading back home for summer. Don’t fret; it’s easy to keep in touch with your long distance friends with the help of the internet, cell phones, postage, and a little thought.

1. Use Skype or Google+ Hangout

The internet makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with friends. Sign up for a Skype or Google+ account if you don’t have one, and make sure your friend does the same. Set up a day and time to video chat. It’s not quite the same as hanging out in person, but seeing the other person on the screen helps it feel personal.

2. Make a real phone call

Texts are great, but hearing a voice is always better. Hearing someone’s voice maintains the connection better than just reading a message.┬áTake the extra minute once in awhile to make a real phone call. Even if your friend doesn’t answer, leave a funny voicemail or recap a quick story.

3. Plan a visit

If your friend is within driving distance, plan a long weekend to visit. You won’t have to spend much money if you crash at your friend’s house. Plus, you can get a tour of his/her hometown while you’re visiting and see some of the local attractions.

4. Send snail mail

Everyone loves to get something in the mail, but we rarely get anything except junk mail and bills. Send a postcard, a few pictures from school, or a small care package including candy and a few small things your friend would like.

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