What to Bring to College: 20 Dorm Essentials

I love walking through Target at the end of the summer and seeing all of the back-to-school madness on display. While the red desk lamp, striped area rug, and squishy bean bag chair all look appealing, you’ll find them pretty unnecessary once you settle in at school.

college move in

It’s back to school week – and that means you’re either packing, unpacking, or procrastinating the whole thing. Packing is a pain, plain and simple. Some people pack way too much (every childhood photo and memento), while others don’t pack nearly enough (no towels = no fun).

You’ll want the basics like your laptop and TV, but what about the rest? To keep you sane and prepared, here’s a list of 20 must-have items for your dorm.

1.   Cleaning supplies (Clorox wipes, air freshener, stain remover)
2.   Shower flip flops
3.   Shower caddy and soap
4.   Pop-up laundry hamper
5.   Fan (great for airflow and noise control)
6.   Dishes and cookware for at least 2 people
7.   Bedding + towels (make sure to find out the size of dorm beds)
8.   Alarm clock
9.   Mini refrigerator (check with your building to see if they provide one)
10.   Power strip + extension cords
11.   First aid/Band-Aids
12.   Extra cell phone charger
13.   Coffee maker and filters
14.   Hard-drive/USB
15.   Headphones
16.   Storage bins
17.   Iron and mini ironing board
18.   Hangers
19.   Dry erase board
20.   Trash can

To bring this list with you while you shop, print the 20 college essentials PDF.

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