Five Tips To Survive Finals Week


Finals week is here. For some students that evokes a sense of panic and relief that the semester is close to ending and a long break is in store. As the saying goes, “Keep Calm and Carry On” – we plan to help you do just that with these tips on making finals week a bit less painful

1.  Make ‘me’ time.

You can’t spend all of your time studying at the library. Me time is a time to relax, watch something on Netflix or catch up on that sleep you didn’t get from last night because you were pulling an all-nighter.  This is a time when you stop everything school related and allow for your brain to absorb the material.  The key take away from this is that you reward yourself for getting work done. No matter what time you started or how long you studied for – reward yourself.

2.  Prioritize and plan

Without a plan on what to study or when to study, you are likely to focus on the wrong material and become easily distracted. By prioritizing and planning your course of action for studying, you give yourself the time needed to learn or relearn the material. In addition to prioritizing your schedule, make sure you have a syllabus of the course, all previous exams, papers, homework assignments and anything related to the final.  Finally, make sure you have a schedule of your final exams so you don’t miss them allowing for you to plan your study schedule appropriately.

3.  Eat healthy and stay hydrated

During finals week, students tend to eat more unhealthy things. Junk foods are quick, easy options for the busy college students which makes them appealing. Unfortunately, they can result in a sugar rush and loss of concentration. Eating nutritious foods will keep you energized and focused, which will help you study and manage your stress. Eating fruits and vegetables is a good start for a quick snack while studying.  In addition to eating healthy, make sure you don’t overdo it with caffeine because it leaves you dehydrated resulting in fatigue and headaches. A good way to manage your caffeine intake and water consumption is to balance between the two. For every caffeine drink you have, have a bottle of water with it.

4.  Exercise

Studies have found that short exercise breaks can help relieve stress, socialize and burn off any calories they consume while studying for finals. In addition, exercise helps you focus, gives you additional energy and makes you feel better. Try for a minimum of 15-30 minutes of exercise a day.  If strenuous exercising isn’t your thing, try yoga or simply take a break from studying and walk around the library or wherever you may be studying.

5.  Take advantage of on-campus programming

Most colleges plan programs to help students de-stress either before finals week or during finals week. Check out your college’s programming board. Some colleges have a ‘spa day’ in which students receive free massages.  In addition to your on-campus programming, your RA also might have activities planned for your hall.

Best of luck to you on your finals.

We hope these tips get you through your finals week. Do you have any other tips for surviving finals week? Share them in our comments.

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