Music To Study To: 5 Musicians That Could Help Improve Your Grades

Last week Jackie wrote about boosting your brain power and recommended music as one of the tools to do so.  In addition to boosting brain power, music makes a great study aid.  Some studies have shown that music can improve memorization skills, and music helps drown out distractions, allowing you to focus your attention on studying.

When choosing music to listen to for a study session be careful to pick songs that don’t include lyrics, so your mind can focus on your studies instead of the words in a song.

The following 5 musicians are great to listen to while you’re studying.  Put on their music the next time you’re studying and you’ll be well on your way to an A.

1.  Jami Sieber

Her music is so mellow and relaxing; you’ll have no problem tuning out distractions to focus on your studies.

2.  Masaaki Kishibe

Masaaki is an acoustic guitarist from Japan.  His music is simple and will put you in a state of concentration.

3.  Explosions in the Sky

I normally try to stay away from music that features electric guitars and drums when studying, but this band manages to take normally noisy instruments and tone them down in a way that will help you clear your mind and absorb as much knowledge as possible.

4.  Mozart

I couldn’t make a list of study music without including at least one classical composer.  Not only will Mozart’s music help you concentrate, but some studies suggest that classical music can boost brainpower more effectively than any other genre.

5.  Tommy Emmanuel

In my opinion, Tommy just might be one of the most talented acoustic guitarists in history. His music will impress you as it helps you study.

What are some of your favorite musicians to listen to while studying?

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