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Math & YOU: Complete Book (PDF)

Price: $20.00

| Author: Ron Larson
First Edition © 2013
ISBN-10: 1-938260-03-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-938260-03-2
PDF, 566 pages

Published by Larson Texts, Inc.


As the world around us changes and information comes at warp speed, it is more important than ever to be quantitatively literate. Yet most U.S. students leave high school with quantitative skills far below what they need and what employers are seeking, and virtually every college finds that many students need remedial mathematics. Based on the latest educational research, Math & YOU helps students develop the quantitative skills needed to be successful in school and the workplace, using real data, problems based on everyday situations, and activities built around topics that are recognizable and relevant. With this approach, students become comfortable with quantitative ideas and proficient in applying them.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Mathematics of Calculation
1.1: Order of Operations & Formulas
1.2: Rounding & Calculators
1.3: Using Percent
1.4: Units & Conversions
Chapter 2: The Mathematics of Consumption
2.1: Unit Prices
2.2: Markup & Discount
2.3: Consumption Taxes
2.4: Budgeting
Chapter 3: The Mathematics of Logic & the Media
3.1: Sets & Set Diagrams
3.2: Statements & Negations
3.3: Deductive & Inductive Reasoning
3.4: Fallacies in Logic
Chapter 4: The Mathematics of Inflation & Depreciation
4.1: Exponential Growth
4.2: Inflation & the Consumer Price Index
4.3: Exponential Decay
4.4: Depreciation
Chapter 5: The Mathematics of Taxation
5.1: Flat Tax & Political Philosophy
5.2: Graduated Income Tax
5.3: Property Tax
5.4: Social Security & Payroll Taxes
Chapter 6: The Mathematics of Borrowing & Saving
6.1: Introduction to Lending
6.2: Buying Now, Paying Later
6.3: Home Mortgages
6.4: Savings & Retirement Plans
Chapter 7: The Mathematics of Patterns & Nature
7.1: Linear Patterns
7.2: Exponential Patterns
7.3: Quadratic Patterns
7.4: Fibonacci & Other Patterns
Chapter 8: The Mathematics of Likelihood
8.1: Assigning a Measure to Likelihood
8.2: Estimating Likelihood
8.3: Expected Value
8.4: Expecting the Unexpected
Chapter 9: The Mathematics of Description
9.1: Information Design
9.2: Describing "Average"
9.3: Describing Dispersion
9.4: Describing by Sampling
Chapter 10: The Mathematics of Fitness & Sports
10.1: Health & Fitness
10.2: The Olympics
10.3: Professional Sports
10.4: Outdoor Sports

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