Social Media Recap: February

Another edition of this month’s best links is coming your way. Find out how to write a killer resume, explore what we were up to in San Diego, and learn how we’re providing College success for you on our Pinterest in this month’s Social Media Recap.


  1.   College Success & YOU: Achieving Your Goals Book Launched at First-Year Experience Conference In San Diego, California. 
  2. “On February 14th,, Larson Texts, Inc. and authors, Malcolm and Sue Kahn, two first-year experience experts launched College Success & YOU: Achieving Your Goals at the First-Year Experience Conference in San Diego, California.  The book is designed to be a comprehensive guide for student success during, and long after, their first year of college.”


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  3. The 25 Best Companies To Intern For
  4. How To Write A Killer Resume That Lands An Interview
  5. 7 Gadgets College Students Need In Their Dorm
  6. How Social Media ruined my interview skills




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