All I Want for Christmas…

It’s not your two front teeth anymore. Toys probably don’t top your list either.

What IS on the top of a college student’s Christmas wish list?

When your mom or grandma start asking what you’d like for Christmas, here are a few ideas that will keep giving through the rest of the year (or at least the winter):

1. Crockpot

Are you sick of cafeteria food yet? How about instant soup or mac and cheese? An easy solution is to start cooking with a crockpot. The best thing about a crockpot is tossing in the ingredients and leaving it for 6-8 hours to cook. Most great crockpot recipes don’t require more than a few ingredients. There are tons of recipes online to help you get started (try soups, applesauce, chili, pulled pork, and baked potatoes).

2. Keurig Coffee Maker

If you’re a coffee drinker, then a single serving coffee maker, like a Keurig, would do wonders for your mornings. Instead of rushing to grab a cup somewhere on your way to class, you can program the Keurig (or other brand of coffee maker) to dispense your coffee when you wake up. The single serving is the perfect amount for a travel mug and the various flavors keep you from getting bored.

3. Professional Clothes

Sweatshirts are usually staple items of college, but consider asking for more professional clothes (button down shirts, dress pants, and dress shoes). You’re bound to have interviews, internships, or presentations that will have a more formal dress code. If you already have these items in your closet, then you won’t have any worries in dressing the part.

4. Slippers/Moccasins

You know the dorm/apartment floors are dirty. I mean, you’ve seen what has fallen on them. And you also know how often they’re cleaned (or not cleaned). Rather than wearing your shoes while you’re studying, lounging, or playing video games, throw on a pair of slippers or moccasins. You’ll be more comfortable and better yet, your feet and socks will stay clean.

5. Money/Gift Cards

A great backup gift is always money or a gift card. You can use the money towards buying your next semester textbooks, groceries, or gas. Gift cards to restaurants or stores can come in handy when you’re in need of a dinner out or a new pair of jeans.

What’s on your Christmas list?

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