Interviews: Everything You Need To Know

Even for the most fearless amongst us, job interviews can be nerve wracking. In order to give you the best chance at succeeding with interviews, we’ve prepared a list of suggestions, tips and types of interviews you may experience as you strive towards landing that job.

First, knowing what type of interview to expect can help you better prepare. These include:

Screening or phone interview

  • This cost effective way to screen candidates can last anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Prepare for it like an open book exam, having your resume, the job description, answers to common interview questions (hyperlink) and questions to ask the interviewer. Since they can’t see your body language, be sure to have an energetic tone and polished answers.

Individual Interview

  • Individual interviews, more commonly known as one-on-one, take place at the business’s office.  This interview may last anywhere from 30-90 minutes. If the interview is 30 minutes, you will want to be concise and to the point with your answers. If the interview is 60-90 minutes, you’ll want to elaborate on your responses.

Skype interview

  • In today’s global workplace, more and more employers are going with Skype to interview potential candidates. It allows the interviewer to easily see the candidate and their body language.


Once you have an idea of what type of interview to expect for, it’s time to prepare. Here are some helpful tips.

Phone Interview

  • ▪  Keep the noise down – find a quiet place to do the interview
  • ▪  Review your application materials
  • ▪  Create cheat sheets with possible answer outlines
  • ▪  Have great questions to ask
  • ▪  Research the organization and current news
  • ▪  Keep your answers brief (1-2 minutes)
  • ▪  Be enthusiastic so you don’t sound flat
  • ▪  Send a professional thank you email

Individual Interview

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For what to wear

Skype Interview

  • ▪ Keep the noise down – find a quiet place to do the interview
  • ▪ Create a professional username in Skype
  • ▪ Watch for the delay – web based interview connections can sometimes lag behind the internet
  • ▪ Dress for the occasion – wear neutral, solid colors

With these suggestions in mind, you’ve set yourself up for success.


Here are some more helpful images to prepare you for your upcoming interview! Good luck on your interview and remember, confidence is key!


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