Choosing Your Major: 4 Resources to Consider When Making Your Decision

Choosing your major is a difficult decision, and with the sky-high price of tuition, it’s important to consider your options carefully.  Too many people don’t enjoy working in the major they chose, and throwing away tens of thousands of dollars on a degree you want nothing to do with would be very frustrating.  If you haven’t decided on a major yet, or you’re starting to second guess your current choice, you should check out these great resources.

This site is a wealth of knowledge for choosing the right major.  You can find a description on just about any major you could think of and take a quiz that will help you determine what the best major is for you.

This site allows you to start by taking an aptitude test to determine what careers best suit your interests and personality.  You can then read descriptions of various career options and even watch industry specific videos.

Your Academic Advisor

If you’re in college you should have an academic advisor assigned to you.  Don’t be afraid to have a serious discussion with your advisor about what major is a good choice for you.  Their job is to help you through your years on campus and they’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

Job Shadowing

Of all the resources to help you determine if a major is the right fit for you, job shadowing is the most valuable.  Certain careers sound enjoyable on paper, only to be very different than what you were expecting.  Some colleges and high schools offer job shadowing as a class and most companies allow students to shadow employees as a way to learn what life is really like on the job.


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