Perks of Online Summer Classes

With summer in full swing, there are probably a lot more things you would be doing right now than a summer class. Some schools are still accepting registrations for later summer sessions. I took multiple summer classes each summer to make the course load during the school year lighter. One summer I took 3 classes; two online, and one at a college back home in addition to a summer job. This means you can still enjoy your break while loading up on credits towards your degree. Before you say no, think about the perks of taking a summer class online.


▪ Fit’s your schedule – Since the course is provided online, you don’t need to be in the classroom at any specific time. Having flexibility in your schedule enables you to work at a time that’s best for you.

▪ Fits your location – One upside to living in a digital age is that learning is more versatile than ever before. As long as you have an internet connection, you can take your lessons any place you want. This is a great opportunity for those that live remotely or those that travel and want to earn a degree.

▪ Pace – Since the course outline is laid out for you at the start of the class (what’s due, tests/homework each week) you can plan ahead allowing you to pace yourself and work accordingly. You can work on your course anytime you like.  Make sure you manage your time to ensure you finish what’s assigned and due each week.

▪ Freedom of attendance – In the online classroom, instructors generally structure the classroom fairly loosely. If there’s a discussion prompt, for example, it’s likely you’ll get a few days to respond rather than being “in class” at a certain time every day. You can still have a summer break with time to hang with friends.

▪ Credits can transfer – Do some research and see if your school has a transfer credit evaluation tool. This tool allows you to enter courses you have taken or plan to take at another institution and view if it’s transferable to your school.

Cheaper – It sounds cliché but taking a summer class is sometimes cheaper than taking it during the school year. In addition to having no cost of living while at home, you can eliminate transportation expenses, as opposed to taking it at a nearby community college.

What do you think about online summer classes or have you taken summer classes? Continue the discussion here

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