Top Tips From Seniors To Incoming Freshmen

College is the time to try new things, meet new people, and make new experiences. The things is, it can all fall apart if you don’t have a clear idea of what you are getting into. We asked graduating seniors what advice they would give incoming freshmen. Be sure to make the best of your college experience with these tips from graduating college seniors.

College grad -cap & gown pondering

“Make new friends.”
“Learn how to balance and prioritize” – keep up with your school assignments because it’s easy to get behind and tough to catch up.
“Get involved in school activities and attend big events like football games.”
“Stay healthy by exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep.”
“Set up a plan for keeping in touch with your family; take control and communicate regularly. “
“Don’t be afraid if you don’t join a club your first semester but be sure to go to club showcase so you can learn about all the clubs/sororities/fraternities that the college has to offer.”
“Remember, you aren’t alone” – There are thousands of incoming freshmen that are going through this with you, and even more who have already survived freshmen year. Take comfort in that.
“Your teachers are there to help you” – Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We’ve all been there before.
“Upperclassmen really aren’t so bad” – They were in your shoes only a year or so back. They understand how you feel and you can always go to them if you have questions about your major or about certain classes.
“Do your homework” – Sure, it seems like ‘busy work’ but it’s only making you better.
“Naps are an amazing thing.”
“Everyone has a freshman roommate story, be it good or bad.”
“Be yourself.”
▪ “Be patient if everything isn’t perfect right away; it will work out if you give it time.”
“Having a part-time job can be a good way to meet people and earn your own spending money.”
“Make sure you do your laundry.”
“You can’t live off Ramen Noodles and Mac N’ Cheese.”


Jon’s Top Tip for Incoming Freshmen:

“Most importantly, take advantage of the next four years of your life. Have fun, make friends, memories, and experiences. Four years will fly by so make sure you make the most of it. To quote “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.””


What tips would you give incoming freshmen? Continue the discussion and let us know what tips you would give freshmen.

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