How Long Do I Need To Go To School?

Recently, I posted a question to our Calc Chat users:

What high school/college questions do you need answered?

(We only got one response. So send in your questions!)

On the Calc Chat Facebook page, Fred asked:

What are the number of years I need of college to become a general doctor?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the top paying majors as determined by Payscale. The list focused on undergraduate degrees, but of course we know that many professions require further schooling.

To answer Fred’s direct question, to become a doctor the answer is roughly 11 years (4 years undergraduate, 4 years medical school, 3 years residency). Depending on the specialty (pediatrics, oncology, etc.), there may be a longer residency requirement.

If you’re interested in becoming a lawyer, you’ll be in school about 7 years (4 years undergraduate, 3 years law school, plus passing the bar exam).

Engineers are required to complete a bachelor’s degree for most entry-level jobs. Some research jobs require an additional graduate degree.

I could list many, many more jobs and schooling requirements… but there is a website for that. Don’t you love when that happens?

The Occupational Outlook Handbook (fancy name for job directory) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a fantastic resource for all of your job-related questions, including salary ranges, job growth projections, and of course education requirements.

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