The Benefits of Joining a Campus Organization

Joining a campus organization is a waste of time, right?  Wrong.  There are plenty of good reasons to join a club at your college.  Even clubs that are just for fun, such as ski club or bowling club, can prove valuable for your future.  If you’re one of the people who thinks joining a campus organization is a waste of time then read on to see a list of some benefits of getting involved on campus.

1.    Network

Joining a club gives you an opportunity to meet people you might have never come in contact with.  Your new bowling partner just might be the contact that lands you your first job.

2.    Professional Development

Clubs that are affiliated with your major help you to grow as a professional and give you valuable experience that could set you apart from other job seekers.

3.    Boost your resume

Joining a club shows employers that you can handle responsibility and aren’t afraid to take on new challenges.  For some extra resume bonus points, join a club related to your major and run for a leadership position.

4.    Have fun

Last and most importantly, joining a club can be tons of fun.  You’ll get to meet cool people who share a mutual interest and possibly go on a few school funded trips, depending on which clubs you join.

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